The Training Society of Vancouver
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February 5/7/9

Francesca Frewer


Class Description: In this class, we will run, bound, rebound, gather, release, tumble, roll, push, and pull; we will practice noticing, playing, trying, experimenting, and surprising ourselves; we will practice performing and dancing together; and we will sweat!

Starting with a warm up to ease ourselves in, we will then move through floor work, using our hands like feet, and using our feet to propel ourselves through space. We will focus on using the whole body to support every movement, as well as using momentum, timing, and supportive alignment to facilitate efficiency and ease, even through challenging pathways.

Francesca Frewer is a contemporary dance artist from Vancouver, currently dividing her creative efforts between performing, creating, and teaching. As a performer, she has worked with Julianne Chapple, Daisy Thompson, Anton Lachky, Willi Dorner, MACHiNENOiSY Dance Society, and others. Her work has been presented at various venues/festivals including the Festival of Recorded Movement, ArtSpring Saltspring Island, the Unit/Pitt gallery’s An Exact Vertigo, and Lake Studios Berlin's Unfinished Fridays. This spring she looks forward to teaching Working Class for the first time, presenting a new duet with collaborator Erika Mitsuhashi at Shooting Gallery Performance Series, and performing in international performance festivals Wiener Festwochen and the Holland Festival with Company Saint Genet. Her artistic interests are influenced by literature, critical theory, exploring the possibilities of the moving body, and undermining the capitalist system.