The Training Society of Vancouver

October 7/9/11

Takako Matsuda


Class Description:  The class is influenced by and combines Limon technique and Japanese modern dance therapy. The warm up begins with harmonizing the breath and our movement.

We play with the heaviness of body, staying still, sifting, or swinging. By focusing on specific parts of the body leading us through space, we observe how we can allow other parts to follow minimally and without excessive effort. Finally, through sequences of choreography, we observe how the body moves through energy flows, non-stop in varying dynamics, and how this energy flow regenerates itself giving back to the body.

Takako Matsuda graduated from Tisch School of Art, Department of dance, NYU in 2001, and currently lives in Poland. In 2004 she received funding from the Japan Cultural Agency for 1 year to begin her career in Europe. She moved to Helsinki, and collaborated as a dancer/ Workshop leader with the Finnish National Dance company, new circus groups CIRKO, Pori dance company, and Turku National Dance Academy. She has presented her own works at festivals in NY, Finland, Sweden, Tokyo and Poland, at venues such as Ohno Kazuo Butoh house, National Theatre, and Hamamatsu Act City, Polish Dance Theatre, Silesian Dance Theatre, Zawirowania, and Body Mind festival. Currently she is faculty for Contemporary dance at Warsaw Dance Department and Polish National Ballet School in Warsaw.