The Training Society of Vancouver
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June 24/26/28

Rob Kitsos


Class Description:  My class is structured like a classic contemporary dance technique class- but it focuses on moving more than dancing. My main focus is versatility and synergy. I believe that the mechanics of technique can be addressed through a focus on the whole body moving in space with intention as opposed to isolated parts. I like the idea that technique class is also a practice of how to make connections between movement ideas and a sharpening of our performance skills in how we embody our sensation and presence in the work. This class is a culmination of several techniques from my experience with many different forms. The warm up is a combination of modern and contemporary techniques. I incorporate ideas from hip- hop, capoeira, gesture and floor work. The warm up is followed by a combination designed to move through space and across the floor. I focus on isolation, initiation and momentum. The across the floor work is followed by a center phrase. This movement tends to be more eclectic and challenging rhythmically and dynamically. The final phrase is jumps across the floor.

Rob Kitsos is an acclaimed dancer, dance instructor, performing artist and choreographer who appeared with dance companies across the United States, Asia and Europe.  He has performed at international festivals in Lisbon, Barcelona, Paris, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Venezuela and Hong Kong. Before doing his own choreographic work, Rob had been a member of more than fifteen performing companies and many artists covering a broad range of styles including Doug Elkins Dance Company, Gina Gibney, Dance, Hillary Easton, Jannis Brenner, KT Niehoff, Colin Connor, Pat Graney, the Chamber Dance Company, Peter Bingham and the Berkshire Ballet. As a choreographer, Rob has received support from the Social Science and Research Council through Simon Fraser University, the BC Arts Council and Canada Council. In addition to other support, Rob was awarded the Leisure and Cultural Council in Hong Kong in 2003 as well as the Donald E. Peterson Endowed Fellowship for Excellence at the University of Washington in 2001 and 2002.  Rob joined the faculty of Simon Fraser University in the School for the Contemporary Arts in 2004. He received his BA in Theatre/Dance from Bard College and his MFA in Dance from the University of Washington in 1997.

*Photo credit: David Cooper