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January 14/16/18

Minna Karttunen

Class Description: I like to start class with a few simple exercises warming up the bodymind from inside out. After focusing on gently moving the awareness from a body part to another, we open the focus to the affordance of space. We will brush and gorge the space across the floor with different improvisational tasks that will awaken the whole bodymind entity to movement in all directions. I will also share some set materials that are outcomes of my own observations of exploring the multidimensional pathways (based mostly on release technique and floor work). This class is an exploration of playfulness with movement. The emphasis is on softening the body and relaxing the mind to be able to open more space for creativity in the movement. With an open-minded variety of music, I hope to give some good vibes to your day. Welcome!

Minna Karttunen is a freelance dancer/performer based in Helsinki Finland. She accomplished her master degree in dance in University of the Arts, Helsinki in spring 2015. She has performed in various projects around Finland, with MACHiNENOiSY in Vancouver, and with another dance artist in New York. Minna has been teaching dance classes weekly throughout her school years and after graduating. She has given professional morning classes in Helsinki and Vancouver, as well as substitutions for BA and MA students classes in the Theatre Academy, Helsinki. Minna has actively participated in a number of diverse courses and classes around Europe, the US, and Vancouver (including, for example, floor work technique, contact improvisation, improvisation, and performance studies). She loves to process all the information from the courses and work as a dance artist by sharing her explorations of movement and ideologies with other professional and non-professional dancers and movers. For her, the best part of the learning process is to get to see how others approach and interact with the ideas put forth in her classes.

*Photo credit: Jenna Broas