The Training Society of Vancouver
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February 20/22

Kathryn Ricketts

Class Description: Ricketts combines her background in Limon, Cunningham and Contact Improvisation to create a hybrid technical language that fuses momentum, line and floor work. The classes will develop strength, musicality and clarity in physical intentions. Most importantly these classes foster ways to find joy in movement and balance this with the challenge of constantly growing and improving at an individual pace.

Kathryn has been working for the past 35 years in the field of dance, theatre and visual arts, performing and teaching throughout Europe, South America, Africa, Australia and Canada. Her work in studios, galleries, theatres and environmental sites focuses on social /political issues with dance, theatre, text and visual art as the languages. Her Doctoral research furthered this into areas of literacy, embodiment and cultural studies with a method she has coined Embodied Poetic Narrative. She is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education in the University of Regina as the chair of the Dance area. She runs The Listening Lab, a visual and performing arts ‘incubator’ and presents exhibitions and performances in her loft in the John Deere Tractor Building.

*Photo credit: Daniel Colins