The Training Society of Vancouver
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March 19/21/23/26/28

Kate Franklin

Class Description:  I teach a contemporary technique centre class.  The class is a synthesis of all of the ideas that currently fascinate me.  Usually my class will start gently on the floor and build in verticality and intensity.  The class loosely follows a traditional progression.  Pliés, tendus, rond de jambes and battements are still on the table sometimes.  At times we dance quite specifically to the music, and sometimes dancers will find their own phrasing.

Currently I am interested in how my femurs articulate inside my pelvis. I am working on thoracic mobility. I am working on using my hamstrings and glutes to create power and hip extension, and to save my lumbar spine from having to do everything. I am working on finding clear pathways for transferring weight.  I am interested in making precise decisions in terms of shape, sequence through the body and direction of momentum.

No matter what, the soundtrack will be good.

I spent the first decade or so of my dance life in Toronto before moving to Vancouver in 2012. In Toronto I danced with many choreographers such as Matjash Mrozewski and Kate Alton, as well as numerous companies such as Zata Omm Dance Projects, Kaeja d’Dance, Company Vice Versa and lots more. I choreographed work most often for the At the Wrecking Ball series and Dusk Dances. Now in Vancouver I am Associate Director of Modus Operandi, and frequently collaborate with Justine A. Chambers and Tara Cheyenne Performance. I teach because I am always learning. I train almost every day in some form of movement practice. Teaching at Working Class is wonderful for me, because I can be in dialogue with my peers about the stuff I am learning.


*Photo credit: Jeremy Mimnagh