The Training Society of Vancouver
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January 29/31 February 2

Karissa Barry


Class Description: Incorporating various techniques, this contemporary class aims to touch on basic training for health and maintenance, while pushing beyond traditional forms and preparing the working body for creation and performance.  

Beginning with floor-work, spine sequencing, and building a solid relationship with the ground, we will move through classical techniques infused with contemporary transitions and intelligent uses of weight transfers and level changes.

Conscious and intricate pathways, directional changes, phrasing and efficiency are predominant themes throughout the class.

Originally from Alberta, based in Vancouver, Karissa has worked as a freelance contemporary dance artist for 15yrs.  As a performer, she has worked with choreographers and companies; Action at a Distance/Vanessa Goodman, Amber Funk Barton/the response, Les Productions Figlio/Serge Bennathan, EzDanza, Science Friction, Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg, JoeINK, LINK Dance, Mascall Dance, Out InnerSpace Dance Theatre, Anne Plamondon, Raven Spirit Dance,  Sylvain Émard Danse, The Vancouver Opera, and Wen Wei Dance.  Performing works for these companies has taken her touring to Asia, Europe, New York, South America, The U.K. and throughout Canada.

As a creator, her work has been presented in programs and festivals such as the Ballet BC mentor program, BC Buds, Brief Encounters, Cecchetti Dance Theatre, Dancing on the Edge, Small Stage, Dancestreams, Expanse Festival, Fluid Festival, la Petite Scène, Modus Operandi Training Program, Twelve Minutes Max, and self-produced a full-length evening “STRATEGY THREE” which included commissioned works and a dance on film project in which she produced, performed and edited. Her 2nd dance on film project, “SPLIT~”, has been screened at Moving Images in Cyprus, and Dance Screen: take 1, in Vancouver.

As an instructor for the professional contemporary community as well as students in various institutions, Karissa teaches ballet, contemporary, and conditioning techniques.