The Training Society of Vancouver
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January 8/10/12/15/17/19

*Note class is 10:00am - 12:00pm these dates

*Kate Franklin will be teaching January 17

Justine Chambers


Class Description: This class focuses on developing strategies for being present while investigating the perpetual dynamic negotiations within our body and the space around it. The class begins with a score to reacquaint ourselves with our bodies, and progresses with set exercises and larger movement phrases.

This class  incrementally layers ways of thinking through the body, that invite participants into an experience of their body in the present moment. It includes searching for systems of support inside and outside of the body, inviting shifts in sensation and perception, and curiously ferreting out previously unknown possibilities for movement. With an openness to functional change, we will explore the precise moments where the body is activated into movement.

Justine A. Chambers’ interests lie in collaborative creation and re-imagining dance performance. Drawn to the movement of all bodies, and focusing on the dances that are already there – the choreographies present in the everyday - she has been creating performance projects throughout Canada since 2000. Chambers is a founding member of projet bk and associate artist to The Dance Centre. Her recent  works include: The Choreography Walk, Homemade Again, Family Dinner, Family Dinner: The Lexicon, Back It Up, Enters and Exits and COPY. Her choreographic projects have been presented at the Canada Dance Festival, The Western Front, Dancing on the Edge Festival, Dance in Vancouver, Dance Saskatchewan, New Dance Horizons and The Music Gallery. Recent collaborations include projects with Evann Siebenns, Claudia Fancello, Ben Brown, Su-Feh Lee, Marilou Lemmens & Richard Ibghy, Jen Weih, Brendan Fernandes and Josh Hite.

Chambers works actively as a performer and has in recent years been featured in the work of Oded Graf & Yossi Berg, Company 605, Mascall Dance, adelheid dance projects and Tara Cheyenne Performance. She has been an external monitor and rehearsal director for Tara Cheyenne Performance, OutInnerspace Dance Theatre, Les Productions Figlio, Emily Molnar and Shay Keubler. Chambers leads classes in contemporary dance technique and improvisation at Working Class, Modus Operandi, Arts Umbrella, Ballet BC and The Toronto Community Love-In. She is Max Tyler-Hite’s mother.