The Training Society of Vancouver

December 3/5/7

Frédérick Gravel

Class Description:  I’m interested in awareness and risk. Interested in how much more risk a performer can take and how aware the performer is aware of all the habits and reflexes they can have. I like to work on taking risks with a partner, managing that in a safe way, using technics from martial arts and learning to use them as a purpose for movement, working with vulnerability and receptivity, but in a quite sweaty mode. We might spend a lot of time throwing ourselves on the floor and rolling back up on our feet.


Frédérick Gravel has taught and is still teaching at times at Quebec University in Montreal (UQAM) and at EDCM (formerly LADMMI). He is also a teacher at the theatre department of CEGEP Saint-Hyacinthe. He has been giving professional workshops to dancers and actors in many cities in North America and Europe since 2010.

 *Photo credit: Brianna Lombardo