The Training Society of Vancouver
Erika photo by Chris Randle.JPG

March 12/14/16

Erika Mitsuhashi


Class Description:  For working class, I have structured a class that is an amalgamation of different training I have taken over the years.  A “best of” different dance and movement techniques that provide dancers with a way of moving with strength and ease.  We will systematically wake up our proprioception, beginning with some shaking and joint mobilization.  As we warm into moving, we will work through floor, standing and travelling phrases all with a sensitivity to exploring different sequential possibilities of the body by utilizing weight, breath, release, engagement and a happy pelvis moving through space.  We will work with guided improvisations with specific movement qualities as a way to observe muscular effort and embodiment.  

I am curious about how each of our bodies carries so much movement history and how transference of information through the body affects each of us.  I approach technique as a continuously growing library of information and I look forward to sharing my collection through TSV.  

Erika Mitsuhashi is an emerging dance artist based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. She hold a BFA (hons.) degree in dance from Simon Fraser University School for the Contemporary Arts. As a dancer, she has had the pleasure of interpreting the work of Vancouver based dance artists including Justine Chambers, Sasha Kleinplatz (MTL), Rob Kitsos, Deanna Peters, Vanessa Goodman and Judith Garay in festivals and platforms such as Vancouver International Dance Festival, International Dance Day hosted by The Scotiabank Dance Center, Dance Allsorts, Dancing on the Edge, The Interplay Project, Re-FUSE presented by the Vancouver Art Gallery and Simon Fraser University masters showcase.

As an emerging choreographer, her work investigates the embodiment of concepts such as dreams, the “not quite”, pseudo-science, associative psychology, personal histories, DIY performance tactics, materials and objects. She strives to create performances that are honest, process oriented and rigorously embodied.  Erika’s work and collaborative projects have been presented locally and nationally by the Powell Street Festival, Toronto Love-In’s PS:We are All Here series, the Surrey Art Gallery’s InFlux and the Shooting Gallery Performance Series. Additionally, she is co-artistic director of the collective Farouche with fellow dance artists Felicia Lau and Mahaila Patterson O’Brien.


*Photo credit: Chris Randle