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March 5/7/9

Daisy Thompson


Class Description:  The warm-up utilizes yoga and Bartenieff fundamentals, with focus on the breath in order to notice held tension, connect to the ground with ones weight, and to engage in sensory awareness of the beginnings of movement.

Next, through simple movement phrases journeying between the floor and standing, we explore fundamental body patterning that energizes the core and articulates through the bones, to find ease and efficiency in our moving.

The final part of the class challenges the dancer 3-dimensionally moving through upside-down space, backspace and in and out of the floor. Here, a playful curiosity is encouraged, to explore the experience of moving and understanding our own bodies more deeply.

Daisy is a freelance dancer, dance maker and teacher. Primarily interested and experienced in teaching improvisation and composition, she has recently expanded her practice to release-based contemporary technique. She has taught professional and company class in the UK, Germany and Belgium, and most recently here in Canada at Simon Fraser University, Quest University and the University of Victoria. She is very happy to share her dancing with the Vancouver professional community.


*Photo credit: Peter Anderson