The Training Society of Vancouver

February 14/16



Class Description: Daelik’s class combines his training in Limón technique, release & floor work and his knowledge of the physics of the body through his Contact Dance practice.  He will take the participants through a series of exercises intended to prepare them for moving with an active yet relaxed body.  His movement will challenge the participants to apply their technical training to move through vertical and horizontal and diagonal planes with momentum and flow.  The emphasis of his class is to embrace the three-dimensionality of the body.

Daelik has performance history of over 20 years.  He was a company member of EDAM (Canada’s pre-eminent Contact-based Contemporary dance company) for 6 years and has worked in Canada with, among others, Kinesis Somateatro, DanStaBat, Co.Erasga, Benoit Lachambre, and Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers in the works of: Julia Sasso, Serge Bennethan, and Roger Sinha.  In Europe he has worked with Welsh dance theatre company Earthfall (Cardiff), Angela Guierrero (Hamburg), Tanzcompagnie Rubato (Berlin) and Be van Vark (Berlin).  In 2002 he formed his own company MACHiNENOiSY Dance Society, welcoming long-time collaborator Delia Brett as co-Artistic Director in 2005.