The Training Society of Vancouver
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December 10/12/14

Alison Denham


Class Description:  My interest for teaching dance lies in the desire to embrace functional movement skills. Inspired by my dance training and performance history, my Pilates practice and current teaching of the Pilates method, and most recently the teachings of Osteopath/functional movement educator Philip Beach. I will offer movement sequences aimed to find deep structural support.

I have taught contemporary dance to professional and pre-professional dancers since 2001. I have taught for summer dance programs at the Goh Ballet, Lynda Raino Dance, Parksville Ballet School and on the Sunshine Coast through residencies with the Sunshine Coast Dance Society. I have been a guest teacher across Canada when touring with Wen Wei Dance and Co. Erasga. In Vancouver I have taught for Working class and Modus Operandi. I teach Pilates regularily at Full Circle Studio, Reform Pilates, Distilled Pilates and Studio 19 Pilates.


*Photo credit: Ed Spence