Chengxin Wei

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Chengxin Wei graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy in 1997, where he studied Classical Chinese Dance for eleven years and received his B.F.A. degree. Since moving to Vancouver in 2000, Chengxin has appeared with various Canadian dance companies including Anatomica, Company Erasga, EDAM, Judith Marcuse Projects, Joe Ink, Mandala Arts and Culture, Battery Opera, the Lorita Leung Dance Company, MovEnt, Wen Wei Dance and with Ballet British Columbia for six seasons. In 2004, Chengxin co-founded Moving Dragon, a contemporary dance company that focuses on cross-cultural fusion between Eastern and Western dance styles.

In 2012, he earned his MFA degree from the University of Washington, with a focus on teaching. Chengxin has taught in both the professional and higher education dance world. He has taught various dance workshops both in Canada and the U.S. For the last five years, he taught Ballet, Modern, Chinese Dance, and Dance composition at University of Washington in Seattle, Ohio University in Ohio, and Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. He has also taught at Arts Umbrella, The Dance Centre in Vancouver, and at The Lorita Leung Dance Academy among others.

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