Linda Arkelian

Linda Arkelian  Yvonne Chew, photo

Linda has performed internationally with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Theatre Ballet of Canada, Anna Wyman Dance Theatre and the Judith Marcuse Dance Company. She was the recipient of a Canada Council grant in 1991 to study at the National Dance Intensive and the National Voice Intensive. Linda has choreographed for and collaborated on numerous contemporary dance projects. Linda teaches Ballet and Contemporary Dance at Scotiabank Dance Centre, as well as Advanced Ballet at the School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University. She is also ballet instructor and repertoire coach at Lamondance. In addition Linda is a visual artist, actor and filmmaker. Linda has had professional experience in theatre and film. Her dance films with David Cooper have received worldwide acclaim and international screenings in India and the UK. Linda was honored as a guest speaker for PetchaKucha sharing the inspiration of her innovative “Bringing Artists Together” project which integrates musicians’ and visual artists’ work into her dance journey.

Class Description (Barre/Centre with Live Piano Accompaniment)

Linda’s Contemporary Ballet Class, while fusing ballet technique with contemporary movement, incorporates streams of her experience in theatre and art. Following a unique ballet barre, her dynamic centre moves dancers through exciting multi-leveled and rhythmically challenging sequences. Influenced by theatre Linda encourages the dancer to infuse movement with breath and personal meaning. Pianist and composer, Gill Civil, will accompany these classes. Linda is excited to share her Contemporary Ballet Class to the professional dance community in hope that the dancers she meets may be inspired to perform in one of her upcoming film or choreographic projects.

Photo by Yvonne Chew

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