Thea Patterson

Originally from British Columbia and now based in Montreal, Thea Patterson, works on many projects as a choreographer, performer, dramaturge, and researcher. Her work in various forms and through a wide range of projects has been shown in Canada, the US, Europe and Asia, and revolves around a sophisticated aesthetic and performance practice, working with and from a very acute set of questions around the nature of objecthood, eventhood, perception, vitality, memory and time. Thea is a long time collaborator with Peter Trosztmer, with whom she created five critically acclaimed solos. She also collaboratively created Man and Mouse and Oh Canada with the artists group The Choreographers. Thea, along with Jeremy Gordaneer and Peter Trosztmer, are currently Artists in Residence at Techo- Lyth in Griffintown Montreal where they created 5 out of 6 Machines and #Boxtape . They also co-curate a yearly event call F off(microfest). Thea recently completed her Masters at the Amsterdam Master in Choreography (DASChoreography) where she premiered her new solo, between the is and the could be.

Workshop Description:

This workshop proposes ways of togethering through delicate frames of shared space and time based on my recent research obsessions, some of which include: weak methods, live composition, traversing the senses, somatic memory, anti-spectacle and a dramaturgy of micro-events. The direction of the time together will then emerge out of these frames. It will not be prescribed, nor taught… it arrives and is revealed through the activation of the group, the day, the mood… This togethering emphasizes slowness and an attendance to waiting and seeing. It asks that we question our definition of what is work, or “the work”, or “what is working” to make space for other temporalities or ecologies of working to arrive. It is an intimate space, and a femme(inist) space insomuch that acts of slowness propose alternate embodiments of productivity than are generally reflected in the achievement based temporalities that define most of structures we live in. There will likely be some dancing, reading, writing, speaking, assisting, listening, looking, sharing, talking…and whatever else might arrive. It is open to anyone with a performative practice. Participants are asked to wear what makes them happy, bring a notebook, a current reading or book, a phone or other capturing device, and their handbag (just in case)!

Photo by Jeremy Gordaneer

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