Franklin Band Workshop w/ Noam Gagnon

Noam Gagnon is an acclaimed dance artist who, over the course of his career, has helped push Canadian dance into the forefront of international stage. For 16 years Noam was the Co-Artistic Director and Choreographer of The Holy Body Tattoo. Now the Artistic Director of Vision Impure, which he founded in 2006, Noam continues to reshape the dance landscape with his achingly intimate and powerful works. For Vision Impure, Noam has created several full-length works including Thank you, You’re Not Welcome and The Vision Impure (winner of The Isadora Award for Excellence in Performance). Noam is regularly commissioned by dance artists and companies to create works, and has collaborated with such celebrated artists as Nigel Charnock, Daniel Léveillé, The Tiger Lillies, Steven Gilmore and William Morrison.

Noam Gagnon is an Associate Dance Artist of Canada’s National Arts Centre. Noam is also the Director of Noam Gagnon’s Wellness Center/Beyond Pilates Inc.

Class Description:

The Franklin Band Workshop: This Full Body Band Conditioning workshop will enliven your body. A series of resistance band exercises, emphasizing whole body conditioning for flexible strength and dynamic posture. In these motivational exercises you’ll use the extra-long Franklin Band to release tension, build core strength and find joy in mind-body awareness. Suitable for practitioners of all levels and movement teachers as well, be prepared for moments of discussion, new dynamic metaphors and sweat-inducing sequences. This work is fantastic for doing on your own to keep up your practice, or for times when travelling.

Please note, participants must purchase Franklin Band ($21) which will be provided. For those that register for all 3 days of the workshop ($45), the cost of the band is included. Those that wish to drop-in (regular rates) can purchase the band separately.

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