Shauna Elton

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Shauna Elton danced with Le Groupe Dance Lab under the Artistic Direction of Peter Boneham for 9 years. During her time as a company member, she performed the works of numerous acclaimed choreographers across Canada and abroad. Her choreography has been showcased in the Canada Dance Festival, The Vancouver International Dance Festival, WCD 35th Anniversary Gala, Dances for a Small Stage, 12 Minutes Max, among other festivals. Shauna teaches professional and pre-professional classes in Vancouver and is currently teaching for the Contemporary Dance Program at SFU. She is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and is a mother of two incredible little girls. Life is good.

Class Description:

My personal teaching style has been influenced by the master teachers, Peter Boneham, Peggy Baker, Marc Boivin, Irene Dowd, Tedd Robinson, and Tom Stroud. They have had a profound influence in shaping my teaching skills and in developing my own unique style. As a teacher I feel I am passing on the lineage of those who have taught me. The class that I teach demands focus, is technically challenging and encourages diversity.

The studio is often filled with swift, colourful cross the floor-large movement. There is humour and big laughs when I’m teaching.

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