Lucía Baumgartner

Lucía is from Switzerland. Lucía considers the world her home. Her upbringing was distinguished by migrating between countries and continents. She teaches workshops and leads projects all over the world. Lucia’s artistic journey and creations combine her southern temperament and her Swiss sobriety.This state of moving also influences inFlux. inFlux was part of many different festivals nationally and internationally.

Class Description:

Lucía’s classes in contemporary dance are for everybody who enjoys expanding their movement spectrum and likes to get into challenging, dynamic and changing movement sequences.
Lucía’s movement language takes root in different Dance and Movement styles (amongst others Cunningham, Feldenkrais, Flying Low, Yoga, Pilates). The individual movement sequences are choreographed to matching music (classic music and contemporary music are all part of the mix). The well-informed movement researches lead to an intense and lasting experience for the dancers.

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