Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson is originally from Calgary and based in Paris.

Stephen’s introduction to movement and performing was through competitive figure skating. He received a Bachelor of Kinesiology (art and science of movement) and Dance from the University of Calgary. In 2015 at the World Figure Championships in Lake Placid, Stephen received the bronze medal. In 2014 he was nominated on the 10 best male dancers in New York. He appears in Steve Paxton’s teaching DVD’s Material for the Spine.

His choreographic work has been presented internationally and has collaborated with numerous companies and artists including Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, Benoit Lachambre, Dick Wong, Fabrice Lambert, Jennifer Lacey, Antonija Livingstone, Nicole Mion, Lee Su-feh and Public Recordings (2 Dora Mavor awards in 2014 for whatwearesaying).

Recent projects; Trajal Harell’s (USA) 2012 Bessie award winning Antigone Sr. (Large) and The Ghost of Montpellier meets the Samourai, touring with Liz Santoro and Pierre Godard in Relative Collider; collaborating with Adam Linder (Berlin/LA) for Made in L.A., with visual artists Xavier Veilhan (FR) and Dominique Petrin (CAN).

Stephen has taught extensively in various Universities, Dance Institutions and communities since 2000.

Class Description:

Class will be an active discussion. I will offer choreographic questions and exercises, different systems from myself and various artists I currently work with that are prominent on the international scene. We will have discussions related to technique, making dances, embodying socio-political material and converse about art making in current situations in which dance is pulled along and must maintain its integrity in light of shifting funding. What are people dancing now and why…? And for whom? I am not interested in “follow what i say and do” but rather what does your body, training, ethics, community, public desire… And is it working?

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