Eroca Nicols

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Lady Janitor combs the globe looking for places to incite radical moments of art chaos, consume massive amounts of coffee, wear amazing unisuits and confer with movers and thinkers of all varieties.

Eroca is currently known a dancer/choreographer/teacher but her multiplitous practice stems from a family of semi-mystical nomadic trailer people, years working as a janitor, and a BFA in video/performance art and sculpture from California College of the Arts (formerly and Crafts.) Her teaching and training are deeply influenced in her continued study of the Axis Syllabus.

She is super stoked to be teaching all over the world including stints as Teaching Artist in Residence at The Whole Shebang in Philly and at The School of Making Thinking in NYC and this summer at ImPulsTanz in Vienna.

Workshop Description:

Do you ever listen to the radio and feel you know the words to a song you’ve never heard? Maybe you sing along or pretend you know and fill in the blanks with lalala. Still fun, non?

Like an earworm on the radio, we have ideas about movement modalities that may or may not be based in experience or reality but are very much based in embodied gossip and imagination. Reiki, cranial sacral, aikido, body mind centering, feldenkrais; these are forms that are real and have incredible specificity. But often as dance artists and somatic practitioners, we are specialists. We have heard of these forms and practices, we have ideas formed about what they are and what they do. We hear them referred to often and even may reference them ourselves with no real basis for our knowledge.

What would happen if we practice fake-i? Can we do cranial fake-ral? How would we do a fake-ido roll? What would a body mind faker-ing class be like?

What can a practice of faking it ’til we’re making it generate? What are the collectively perceived ideas about these modalities and can these somewhat baseless understandings offer anything to us as we make it if it is performance. Can we integrate information based on somatic hearsay? Can changing our relationship to specialized information alter how we relate to it?

1. I am not discrediting the years of study that go in these practices. I am curious how we can use a laymans knowledge to generate a certain type of state or physical body through this practice.
2. I don’t think we can really fake anything. By faking we are already doing something, even if that’s not the thing we think we are doing.

Using skills developed through our fakery we will move into makery with the bodies we have generated.

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